Endorsement from Martin Semple

Normally, endorsements tend to be a few short sentences offering support; Martin Semple however took the time to write these words supporting me, and I couldn’t just trim them to fit in a small tweet; they deserved a proper post, so.I am placing them here in their entirety.
Thanks Martin. Local members will know his hard work and dedication and how much his support will mean to me.

“I have known Math since he was an effective councillor in Inverclyde.  I worked alongside him on the highly successful GE2015 campaign and witnessed first-hand his campaigning energy and skills.

He can think on his feet and has an impressive ability to speak and debate cogently and with conviction without reliance on scripts or bundles of notes.  He can more than hold his own against Jackie Baillie – in fact he can win.

Math also has formidable digital skills, with the ability to create high-quality presentations in multiple formats on a fast turnaround, and this is going to be essential in what will very likely be an online-only campaign.

He knows the problems that the Dumbarton constituency faces, and he has the positive vision and ideas that can bring real change to all areas of our constituency.

As a founder of English Scots for Yes (a game-changer), his tireless, high-profile campaigning is going to be essential as we progress to winning our independence.

Math is entirely capable of taking this seat for the SNP and he has my wholehearted support.”

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