Town Centre Regeneration

Just a short press-release from me on the need for town-centre regeneration…

With the closure of yet another retailer in our town-centre, the time is right to focus on the need for more regeneration in Greenock, including fixing the roads in the town-centre, and setting up a task-force to see what we can do at all levels to make our town a more attractive place for new businesses to relocate or start up, and retain the ones we have.

Ward 3 SNP Councillor Math Campbell-Sturgess is calling on the ruling Labour administration to do more for Greenock Town Centre.  Highlighting loose paving and cobbles in the town’s West Blackhall Street, the Cllr said:
“This is supposed to be our town’s major shopping street along with the Oak Mall, yet the paving is uneven, there are potholes that are getting worse each day, and it is decreasing footfall in the town centre, at a time when businesses are crying out for custom.  The implementation of the parking scheme caused enough issues, and now the neglect of the streetscape is just compounding the issue.”
He added:
“I’ll be speaking with the Roads department to see if we can’t get some immediate action on the paving and cobblestones, but this is emblematic of a much larger problem.  In the last year we’ve lost several major retailers in the town, with the sad announcement of Dorothy Perkins leaving in June coming this week. We need more than just potholes filling.  We need serious, committed action from our Council, and so far the Labour Administration haven’t done enough in Greenock town-centre.”
“We need a comprehensive and radical investment into our town-centre to revitalise it before it gets too late.  We need to look into the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Action Plan to see if we can establish Greenock’s town centre as a Town Centre Investment Zone, to help relieve the onerous rates that are killing shops in the town, before we lose any more local employers.”
He finished:
“As part of ongoing budget discussions, the SNP will be asking the Council to consider setting up a Town-Centre Working Group, to bring together local retailers, regeneration officials, representatives of the community and other key stakeholders to see what more can be done to stimulate recovery.  As a town, we’re already losing out to Braehead and retail outlets closer to Glasgow.  We must do more to encourage new businesses to open up in Greenock, attract inward investment from national chains, and help those already here, before our town-centre becomes a ghost town.”
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