Councillor Launches Retail Survey

As part of my Save-Our-Shops campaign to save Greenock town-centre, I’m undertaking a retail-survey.

The survey is aimed primarily at shoppers and traders in the town-centre, but I’m keen to get everyones views.
I will be going door-to-door in the town looking to talk to managers and owners in all our shops, as well as shoppers, but as well as the paper-version, you can fill out the survey right here:

  1. Alistair Currie Reply

    A lot of money was spent of the entrance to Greenock from the West Blackhall street end and also just up from Custom House. Unfortunately, it does not reflect what is contained within.
    An Oak Mall that has the vast majority of shops lying vacant, little in the way of diversity or even quality of products, areas cordoned off because of leaks/missing tiles (this was prior to the recent flooding) and pop-up sales vendors who constantly shout and harass shoppers. All we ever hear from the Management Team is that there are announcements imminent. Now with the loss of M&S, there will be even less footfall, though now doubt the Mall will try to cover the loss by allowing even more “vendors” to ply their trade down the middle. After M&S goes, there will be four large units lying empty that are not attracting traders. Anyone asked why this is? Too expensive? Not a good area to invest in?
    Then there is West Blackhall street where the Tourists enjoy a risky stroll on top of loose, cracked, missing, chewing gum infested flagstones. Not to mention the wonderful entertainment that is provided free of charge from the local Junkie community congregating normally between Argyll and Jamaica Street and generally creating a nuisance with constant swearing and attempts to get into the closes along the street.
    This too has it’s fair share of empty properties with Poundstretcher recently closing and another one soon to follow with the impending closure of Burger King. Eventually the tourists from the Cruise Liners will start travelling to Gourock, Port Glasgow and even further afield leaving Greenock Town centre to become the centre for Bookies, Nail Bars and eCigarette vendors.
    There needs to be a vision for the town that is sadly lacking at the moment. It has been suggested that eventually it will be nothing more than a commuter town where only the basic shops will remain during the day and restaurants at night, but that would imply that those “commuters” are earning a good deal of money, many are not as the DWP piles pressure on the unemployed to travel up to 90 minutes each way to get to a job. By the time cost of travel is deducted, there won’t be a lot for socialising left.
    So when we are talking about the Town Centre, we should also be looking at attracting employers to Inverclyde as well. This will reduce the travel costs of many, let the workers have a little more in their pocket to spend and then it won’t be as difficult to attract good quality shops into the town.

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