Councillor Demands Answers on West End Roads

After a spate of accidents occurring in Greenock’s West End over the last week, town Councillor Math Campbell-Sturgess has written to the Council’s new Chief Executive demanding answers.

He said:
“After there was an accident last week in the west-end, I had written to our Roads Department asking what the situation is. Numerous constituents had contacted me, letting me know about the bad state of the junctions in the area.”
He continued:
“Ironically, I am currently learning to drive myself, and have witnessed first-hand the confusion the temporary signage and lack of markings appears to be causing across the west-end.”
“When I received a response from our Roads Department, they said they would have a roads-services manager look at the quality of the markings in the area, and if they needed refreshing, they would “build them into future maintenance work”.

The Ward 3 SNP Councillor added:
“Clearly the Roads Department are aware of the problems; they resurfaced the roads and erased the markings! On Thursday following two of the incidents they put temporary “give-way” signs in place, so even they acknowledge work needs done.”
“Following this response from our Roads Department, I am concerned there does not appear to be recognition of the urgency with which the situation must be addressed. I have written to Aubrey Fawcett, our new Chief Executive, asking for officers to arrange a meeting to discuss the situation and to get some answers on what exactly the road engineers have done, and more importantly, what they are going to do to fix this serious problem.”

He concluded:
“I worry that unless we take very prompt action to fix the markings and signage in the west-end, it will only be a matter of time before more accidents, potentially more serious, will occur.”

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