A question of character…

So I turned on my phone this morning and was browsing social-media (as many of us do), only to be confronted with this photo:

For those unaware, that is Knocknairshill Cemetery in the east-end of Greenock.  And someone’s fly-tipped bed and filthy mattress.
A member of the public visiting a relatives grave last night saw this, and took a photo, but couldn’t contact any staff due to the time of night.

Knocknairshill is actually not that far from where I live; my ward is Greenock central, the west end and broomhill, but I currently stay in the east end, and regularly walk my dog on the cycle path that passes by the bottom end of the cemetery, so I know it well.  The place is truly beautiful and on a quiet summer’s evening the sense of tranquility is lovely.  All the more disgusting that someone should think the pace suitable to flytrap their unwanted rubbish and furniture.

The cemetery is open-access which allows people to visit when they wish – but in my opinion it shows a fundamental lack of character in the perpetrator of this act.  They clearly have no respect for the feelings of those who visit Knocknairshill to grieve lost loved ones, for their community, or for themselves.

I contacted Council officers this morning to report the mess and ask if it can be dealt with, and I’m pleased to report that it had already been removed and the site cleaned first thing this morning.  Community Wardens will be asked to check in when they’re doing their usual patrols of the area.

If you know who might be responsible for this wanton act, please report them here: http://dumbdumpers.org

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