CVS Inverclyde Benefit from Scottish Government Funding

75445_QPA661_IMG_00_0000_max_656x437Fantastic news ahead of the Scottish Cabinet visiting Greenock today, CVS Inverclyde are set to benefit from £60,000 of funding from the £1.7 million Scottish Government’s “Town Centre Communities Capital Fund”, which will be used to a town-centre Greenock Community Hub, with office space, training facilities and advice centre.
This is brilliant news for the town-centre especially at a time when the retail environment is causing many to worry.  Hopefully this will help kick-start a new wave of development in Cathcart Street and the wider town.
You can find more details on the Scottish Government website here.

  1. Hamish Kirk Reply

    Recently the new memorial was unveiled in this area. It could be the focus of a nice historical walk around Central Greenock. A living centre is not just about shopping !

    The walk could be self-funding. Charge – or ask people for donations.

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