Press Release on Gambling Summit

After attending the very good summit yesterday on Payday-Lenders and Problem Gambling on our High Streets, organise by the Minister for Local Government and Planning, Derek McKay, I thought I'd put a press-release out.As regular readers will be aware, I'm passionate about rejuvenating our Town-Centre, and I'm very concerned by a rise in the number, and a clustering, of betting shops and payday-lenders.  I wil continue to update you all with further details as they become available...{C}{C}

West-end Councillor hits-out at Council Leader’s Plans

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A brief press-release on my views regarding the recent reports about the former Greenock Academy site...

Ward 3 Councillor Math Campbell-Sturgess today attacked Council Leader Stephen McCabe’s comments over plans for the former Greenock Academy site.

Response from Scottish Government on Gambling and Questions in Parliament

A little later than it should have been due to problems getting the letter scanned in, but attached is a copy of the response I recieved from the Scottish Government on gambling.

In a related matter, I'm very happy my collegaue, Stuart McMillan MSP, managed to ask a question of the Scottish Government.  You can see the video of his question and the response here.

EU Parliament bans roaming charges, defends net-neutrality

Net-Neutrality & Phone-Roaming..

Some excellent news from the European Parliament today, in the form of the passing of the telecoms reform package.  If this all sounds a geeky and technical, well, it, is, but there's a fairly good explanation here.

Bookies Turned Down!!

I am very glad to see this application refused. Another class-2 unit was entirely unsuitable for the area, not to mention the very LAST thing Greenock needs is another bookies!

A Scottish Film Studio...

A Greenock Studios?

Wonderful news today in the form of the a report from Scottish Enteprise in conjunction with Creative Scotland, the Scottish Government and others for a Foundation Studio to be formed in Scotland...

Parliamentary Debate on FOBT's

Some very welcome news from my friend and colleague Stuart McMillan MSP, who has managed to secure a debate in the Scottish Parliament over the use of FOBTs in betting shops.  This follows on from my campaigning against the use of these machines, and the overprovision of gambling shops in our town centres.  It's a very important issue which I have previously written to the Scottish Government about, and I hope the debate further highlig

Statement Regarding Website Blocking in Inverclyde Schools

As readers may be aware, a story surfaced by Twitter during the week where a Port Glasgow school-pupil, seeking information regarding the Scottish Independence Referendum, attempted to gain access to the Yes Scotland website from her school, only to find it was "blocked" as a policy violation.  She then discovered the No campaign's website was not blocked, and posted on twitter regarding this.

Letter to Justice Secretary on Gambling

Posted below is a copy of a letter I sent earlier this week to Kenny MacAskill MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, whose remit includes licensing law; this was also CC'd to Derek MacKay MSP, the Minister for Local Government as it encroaches on his work as well.  When a response is forthcoming, I will publish it as well.  I wrote to ask the Cabinet Secretary what the Scottish Govt. can do to give us the powers we need, as local councillors, to look at local matters when granting (or declining) licences for Gambling...

Press release regarding delays to the Ardgowan Primary..

Please see the press-release below; further information on the matter can be seen in the report on Inverclyde Now and in the next Education & Communities commitee papers.


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