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A brief rundown of my activities during the referendum.
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Blog Updates

Town Centre Regeneration

Just a short press-release from me on the need for town-centre regeneration… With the closure of yet another retailer in our town-centre, the time is right to focus on the need for more regeneration in Greenock, including fixing the roads in the town-centre, and setting up a tas

Candidate Withdrawal

Having spoken with my fiancée, Angel, my family and friends, and taken advice from many others in and outwith my party, I decided on 31st December 2014 to inform the Branch Convener of Greenock & Inverclyde SNP of my intention to withdraw from the nomination process for selecting

Candidate Endorsement: Natalie McGarry, Glasgow East

I don’t intend to do this for every constituency in Scotland; if only because I don’t know everyone in the SNP, and there will be many constituencies where I just don’t know any of the candidates well enough… However. Natalie McGarry is seeking the nomination t

Universal Credit & Disability Benefits Changes

Like many of Inverclyde’s residents, I’ve at one point or another had to rely on the benefits system for a short period – and like many I have a spouse or relative who is disabled.  Changes to the Welfare System should always be well thought-out and make things bette

Guest Post: On Remembrance…

  I was trying to articulate a post today on the occasion of Remembrance Sunday, and the 100th anniversary of the start of the most terrible conflict in the history to the world (at that point), the Great War, now more usually known as the First World War. Having attended the Gre


I’d been loathe to make a press-release about the introduction of parking-enforcement and the new parking strategy in the Town Centre  in the first week or two… The scheme has only been in place a couple of weeks, and rather than churn out a knee-jerk press-release, I want


I’m pretty well known for my beard.  I’ve been called “The young SNP guy with the beard”. When I was first elected, a colleague asked if I would be shaving it off, as some polls show politicians without beards are seen as more trustworthy.  I politely, but firm